When a death occurs, cremation is now the most popular choice in Western New York and the nation. But what happens after cremation? Everyone deserves a permanent, protected place of rest, as well as a lasting memorial tribute – both things that only a cemetery can provide. There are a number of options available. Ashes can be buried in a grave, or be placed above ground in a mausoleum or a columbarium or even in a more unique spot in a boulder or bench. Scattering of the ashes is also an option in some of our cemeteries.

At the Forest Lawn Group of Cemeteries you can have the peace of mind knowing your ashes (if pre-planning for yourself) or your loved one’s ashes will be forever protected. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot, with prices for cremation burial spaces starting as low as $250. Learn more about your options for interment (in ground or above ground) and a memorial tribute below.

In Ground Interment of Ashes – Memorial Options

Upright Monuments

Lawn Level Markers

Art Pieces


Above Ground Interment of Ashes

Private Mausoleums

Community Mausoleums