The original lot owner may give permission to anyone to be buried in his/her lot. The lot owner, spouse, and direct descendants have a “natural right” of burial, as long as there is still actual space available, according to the number of burial rights (spaces) purchased and appropriate authorization. Direct descendants are children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc. Spouses of direct descendants may be buried, if there is room and with appropriate authorization. Other family members may have right of burial if no direct descendants are surviving.

Once the lot owner is deceased, the right of burial passes to the children, then grandchildren, and so on. If a direct descendant is willing to wait and hope that other direct descendants will not use up all remaining space on the lot, then no reservations are required. However, if a direct heir wishes to reserve a burial space on the lot prior to the time of need, specific authorizations are required. An Affidavit of Title must be completed by a direct descendant that lists every living direct descendant of the lot owner who has a right to be buried on the lot.
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